Funding available

Organizations can apply for new housing placement and retention programs

The JOHS would like to invite eligible organizations to participate in two projects that are being implemented this year.

Housing Multnomah Now (HMN) is a County-led project aimed at rapid housing placements for unsheltered adults from specific geographic locations in Multnomah County. The goal is to house 300 adult-only households by June 30, 2024. This project has already been initiated with a small number of providers.

Oregon All In is a state led project aimed at reducing unsheltered homelessness through multiple  strategies. The JOHS is working to program outreach and housing placements. Oregon All In (OAI) is specifically targeted for unsheltered adults from overrepresented populations in Multnomah County’s homeless community. OAI aims to house 275 adult-only households by January 2024. For Oregon All In, allocation priority will be given to culturally specific providers serving the identified subpopulations.


  • Black, African American, or African
  • Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
  • American Indian, Alaskan Native, or Indigenous
  • Latina/Latino/Latinx

Both projects can fund rental assistance and retention, staff, flexible client assistance, and other support services to support housing placement and retention.

Both projects are advised by a Multiagency Coordinating group (MAC) to develop shared strategies at a policy level as well as at the provider and client level. There are multiple MAC groups that meet to serve the various needs of these parallel efforts. Community partners who are not providing services can also serve on the MAC Group to inform the project.

Project Description:

  • Outreach and engagement services to the households eligible for either the Housing Multnomah Now (HMN) or Oregon All In (OAI) as defined above;
  • Services are provided in collaboration with other organizations via the Multnomah County MAC group to provide outreach, housing placement, and retention services;
  • Participation in the Mult Co MAC work to establish policy, strategy and coordinate service provision;
  • Support adult-only eligible households with housing costs, including flexible client assistance, rental assistance, assessment and referral for other services to ensure that households are stably housed

If you are interested in having your organization participate in either HMN or OAI or both projects, please respond with a letter of interest and include responses to the following questions in your response:

  1. Please describe your organization’s experience with providing housing placement and housing retention supports to individuals with high barriers to housing. If your organization does not have this experience, please describe how you might partner with other organizations and/or train your teams to provide this service.

  2. This project requires a strong commitment to urgent, collaborative work with other community partners and systems of care. Please describe your organization’s ability to engage with cross-system partners and if possible, give examples of what this type of collaboration has looked like for your organization.

  3. Both Housing Multnomah Now and Oregon All In require a commitment to racial equity and ensuring that strategies are culturally responsive at minimum. Please describe your organization’s experience with serving Communities of Color and how you plan to support Multnomah County in eliminating disparities in unsheltered homelessness.

  4. (unscored) Which project(s) are you interested in supporting?

Responses will be scored on a scale of zero to five (0-5) points per question. Responses will be evaluated by an evaluation panel and scores must meet a minimum of 11 points to be considered. Responses should be no longer than 3 pages.

If interested in participating in this project, please send an email with responses to the questions above to Anna Pendas at

If you are not interested in providing services but would like to participate in the MAC Group, contact Emily Nelson at

Responses must be submitted by Monday July 31, 2023 at 5pm. Evaluation and notifications will be made by Friday August 11, 2023.