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Provider Conferences

Providers conferences provide an opportunity for networking, sharing information and resources, and learning opportunities for JOHS-funded service providers.

Dan Field, JOHS Director


I would like to personally welcome you to our Provider Conference page.  Though the conference staff describe our first virtual inaugural event as a trial run, I was impressed with the range and depth of the different sessions offered.

While JOHS has always valued inclusive collaboration with our community provider partners, I want you to know that we are committed to improving our work with all of our valued provider partners – to lean in together and improve our homeless response system’s capacity to equitably and effectively address the crisis on our streets.

We were excited to learn of providers’ desire to come to these discussions as learning partners, and we look forward to ongoing collaboration to ensure these convenings are a place for us to share expertise, identify goals and challenges, and learn together on a regular and predictable basis.

Thank you for your ongoing participation and partnership.

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Provider Conference

More information and details coming soon. Stay posted.

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Provider Conference Follow-Up

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Contact Info

For more information, please contact Bill Boyd at or 971-284-0359

Past Conferences Archive

Find our previous Provider Conferences and the topics covered in each.

For All Conference Sessions

Meeting Guidelines

  • Take care of yourself

  • Make best efforts to be engaged and to support one another

  • Be aware of your own space and positionality

  • Practice cultural humility. Respect the validity of other’s perspectives, experiences and cultures – suspend judgment

  • Share the air and give everyone a chance to speak

  • Be authentic and speak your truth

  • Respect and listen to others, honor other’s perspectives and story

  • Respect confidentiality and don’t share stories without their permission

  • Give feedback and be open to feedback

  • Differentiate between opinion and informed knowledge

  • Differentiate between safety and comfort

  • Interrupt oppression

  • Expect and accept discomfort and ambiguity

  • Be open to trying something different

  • Be open to hearing something different

  • Be curious and ask questions

  • Be patient

  • Expect non-closure – we won’t solve all issues and concerns today

For Virtual Conferences Only

Making the Best of a Virtual Conference

We hope for active participation in the conference sessions, even with the limitations of the virtual environment.  While we know everyone is very familiar with virtual meetings, we offer the following tips and suggestions for improving the conference experience for all.

1. Try to Use a Computer to Join the Conference

While you can join the Zoom conference sessions with a smartphone or a telephone, you will have a better experience using a computer.

Please contact the session moderator or Bill Boyd (, if you need to connect to your meeting through your telephone without any video, so we can provide you with the correct dial-in number and meeting ID.

2. When Entering a Session

  • Please use the chat to say hello and introduce yourself!

    • Share only what you feel comfortable (name, role, organization, pronouns, access needs).

  • We encourage participants to add their pronouns and agency to their participant name.

    • Join the Zoom meeting

    • On the Zoom in-meeting controls, click Participants .

    • Hover your mouse over your name, then click More.

    • Click Rename.

    • A pop-up box will appear.

    • In the pop-up box, enter your display name.

    • Click Change.

  • Please keep your camera on as you are able

3. When Speaking in a Zoom Meeting

  • Try to minimize background noise as you are able.

  • Only unmute when you wish to speak.

  • Use the Raise Hand feature to let the moderator know you wish to speak (found under the Reactions tab) at the bottom of the screen.

  • Please lower your hand after you have finished speaking.

  • Please say your name before speaking; it helps other participants know who is talking.

4. Please follow the meeting guidelines listed below to promote the best collaborative session environment

For Virtual Conferences Only

Problems Connecting?

Please see the Problems Connecting?: page (link above) for tips on addressing common challenges or technical issues with Zoom meetings.

Contact Bill Boyd, for other issues.